Bill Owens: Suburbia: Fifteen Photographs Portfolio

Fifteen gelatin silver prints, each signed in graphite on verso
Edition of 15 with 3 A/Ps, 8 x 10 inches or the reverse
All photographs © Bill Owens
Please inquire regarding pricing and availability.

1. Sunday afternoon we get it together. I cook the steaks and my wife makes the salad. 1970

2. I bought the lawn in six-foot rolls. It’s easy to handle. I prepare the ground and my wife and son helped roll out the grass. in one day you have a front yard. 1972

3. People throw away a log to good things; clothes, toys, broken toasters, record players and in the newer areas they throw out table and chairs that don’t fit into their new house. The ecology movement doesn’t matter. I make over $250 in coke bottles. People here can’t realize there are poor people in the world. They can’t think about the needs of other people. 1971

4. Untitled. 1971

5. Ronald Reagan on TV. 1972

6. I enjoy giving a Tupperware party in my home.  It gives me a chance to talk to my friends.  But really, Tupperware is a homemaker’s dream, you save time and money because your food keeps longer. 1971

7. We feel most people have the wrong attitude about sex, that it’s nasty and to be done only in the dark.  With us sex takes care of itself. 1971

8. I wanted Christina to learn some responsibility for cleaning her room, but it didn’t work. 1972

9. We’re really happy. Our kids are healthy, we eat good food, and we have a really nice home. 1971

10. This is our second annual Fourth of July block party.  This year thirty-three families came for beer, barbequed chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, green salad, macaroni salad, and watermelon.  After eating and drinking we staged our parade and fireworks.  1972

11. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday . . . and Friday I have my hair done. 1971

12. My dad thinks it’s a good idea to take all the leaves off the tree and rake up the yard. I think he’s crazy. 1971

13. I don’t feel that Richie playing with guns will have a negative effect on his personality. (He already wants to be a policeman). His childhood gun-playing won’t make him into a cop-shooter. By playing with guns he learns to socialize with other children. I find the neighbors who are offended by Richie’s gun, either the father hunts or their kids are the first to take Richie’s gun and go off and play with it. 1971

14. We like to play war. 1971

15. Our house is built with the living room in the back, so in the evening we sit out front of the garage and watch the traffic go by. 1972