From 1994-2001, Katrina Doerner held sales and directorial roles at major photography galleries in Los Angeles and New York City. At a time when vintage work by the great 20th Century Masters was still readily available, she was under the direct tutelage of the innovative dealers, artists and collectors who were the groundbreakers of the photography market. In 2001, Katrina became a private dealer and continues to actively place original photographic works in major public and private collections.

Katrina Doerner Photographs offers works by 20th Century Masters and strives to make work available at all collecting levels. In addition, we focus on the innovative photographers of the 1960s-70s who pushed the boundaries of the medium, permanently reshaping and infusing it with a new energy and vision.


what we do

We assist in building extensive private collections, buying and selling secondary market works, sourcing specific prints by specific artists, representing the interests of artists and estates, and participating in major photography auctions.

As we are continually sourcing new works, our site is merely representative of our current inventory, much of which is not listed online.

Please inquire for a more comprehensive list of works by a particular artist or if you are interested in selling works from your collection.  We also encourage inquiries regarding specific photographers, listed or unlisted.